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After years of clients asking us to continue working with them after we've completed their projects, we have added a crew specifically to take care of our clients’ gardens and provide continued services.

Our maintenance and renovation staff are available to provide landscape services on a regular basis, do cleanups on an as-needed basis, and work with you on renovation projects such as pruning, plant removal, transplanting, and reworking existing garden spaces. We can also help you feel comfortable with all aspects of caring for your garden through our garden coaching services.


Maintenance and renovation services we offer include:

  * Hand weeding
  * Perennial care including deadheading and dividing
  * Shrub and tree pruning and hedging
  * Lawn mowing, edging, and organic care
  * Raking, debris removal, and seasonal clean-up
  * Mulching and soil amendments
  * Organic fertilization
  * Planting, transplanting, and removals
  * Irrigation installation, maintenance, and seasonal blowouts
  * Container planting and care
  * Overall monitoring of plant health
  * Garden coaching and consultations

As a certified, five-star rated EnviroStars company, Rock Solid Landscapes does not use any pesticides or herbicides, and has made a commitment to reducing hazardous waste and preventing pollution through our business practices. In addition, we use organic products and an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in all of the landscapes we maintain.