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"We did a complete makeover of our backyard. Our landscaper is Rock Solid Landscapes. The owner, Wade Bartlett, is a geologist. We interviewed a number of landscapers and he was the friendliest, most knowledgeable, gave us a quote that was very reasonable, easy to work with, and delivered on-time. We are thrilled at the quality of the work."

~ L. Knoch, 5/20/09

When is the best time to plant and transplant?

In our temperate Pacific Northwest climate, we are generally able to plant year round. The ideal time to plant is in the fall and winter months, as the rain our region receives during the fall and winter seasons help plants settle in more rapidly to their new environment. The only time during winter that it's best to avoid planting is when the ground is very wet or we are experiencing prolonged temperatures below freezing.

Although fall and winter are ideal for planting, nurseries tend to have the largest selection of plants during the spring and summer months. Spring is the next best time to plant as our region is often still receiving rainfall and plants have some time to settle in before our summer drought begins. Plants can still be installed during the summer months as long as they are given frequent and consistent irrigation.

The same rules tend to apply to transplanting, although transplanting during the summer months is not recommended. Some plants are much more adaptable to being moved than others, so there are exceptions to these general rules.