Complete. Landscaping. Seattle

"The stonework is magnificent. I enjoyed working with Wade and would recommend him highly. Aeron the mason did an exceptional job too. I think your design was the best solution for the space and I'm glad now I bit the bullet and spent the time and money to completely demolish the old wall.

Having a pedestrian entrance in front of the door makes a huge difference to the house - changes the whole feel of the entrance, as you predicted…Everyone has commented on how much of an improvement the new front yard is. I’m quite proud - you should be too of course. A really good design. Thanks."

~ Homeowner

When is the work considered done?
Work is considered complete when the client is satisfied. Towards the end of a project, a formal punch list is drawn up of any last items that need to be completed or adjusted, and once finished, we will go over the list with the client to ensure their satisfaction.