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"We were across the street when the remodel started...I must say that the rock wall is the 'piece de resistance' for the whole job and a beautiful work of art. I talked with your worker today, and he is a credit to you and your company. I'm sure your other work is equally impressive."

~ C. Beattie, 5/13/05

Do you offer consultations so we can discuss my specific yard and concerns?

In addition to providing maintenance and consultation services, we also offer garden coaching. This is a way to work with our clients to whatever extent they desire to learn how to care for their property. We can do this on a one-time basis or we can set up a plan to meet on a regular basis, such as quarterly, to help you learn what plants are in your garden, how to care for them year-round, and answer any questions you might have. Sometimes clients also ask for a plant list for specific areas of their yard.