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"The stonework is magnificent. I enjoyed working with Wade and would recommend him highly. Aeron the mason did an exceptional job too. I think your design was the best solution for the space and I'm glad now I bit the bullet and spent the time and money to completely demolish the old wall.

Having a pedestrian entrance in front of the door makes a huge difference to the house - changes the whole feel of the entrance, as you predicted…Everyone has commented on how much of an improvement the new front yard is. I’m quite proud - you should be too of course. A really good design. Thanks."

~ Homeowner

Why is it necessary to do a design?

The design process is important for many reasons. It allows clients to see various alternatives for setting up different elements in their landscape and options for working with potential site issues and constraints. The designer is often able to present creative ideas that the clients may not have thought of or even considered. Working through the design process helps to ensure that the final version includes all of the elements the clients wish to see in their future landscape and that it’s set up in the best possible way to meet their goals.

Second, the design is important for us to work from to calculate the costs of the project. With a design drawn to scale, we can determine things like the removal and addition of soil, the square footage of a wall or patio to be built, and the exact number and sizes of plants to be installed. This drawing is the foundation for all further work on the site and is the best way to control costs on a project.

Finally, once the installation process begins, this drawing is the primary construction document that guides the installation work. Our crew will refer to this document to locate built elements and to ensure that they have “the big picture” as they work through each stage of the installation.

Please see the Design page on our website for a thorough description of the design process.